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GunZ 2 ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ejjje, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Ejjje

    Ejjje New Member

  2. Rahzell

    Rahzell New Member

    The South Korean version of GunZ 2 is currently inactive while MAIET focuses their attention and efforts towards the NA, EU and Taiwan versions of the game.
  3. Ejjje

    Ejjje New Member

    We are bored GunZ 2 Beta .. new updates should be faster
  4. Rahzell

    Rahzell New Member

    The game is still in development.
    Game development takes time.
    The next possible update we'll hear about GunZ 2 is the upcoming Steam version, which may include a new playable class.
    Patience is a virtue.
  5. DuclionTR

    DuclionTR Moderator

  6. Migraine87

    Migraine87 Well-Known Member

    that looked like slaughtering noobs.
    and it was surprisingly slow paced. Not one melee attempt either

    Also noticed that s/he gained 3 hp per kill. I wonder where that came from.
  7. Ejjje

    Ejjje New Member

    players are slow..
    i want weapons and characters system =)
  8. ESLRyou

    ESLRyou Well-Known Member Founder

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    Kind wish I could play on KR. And that text that appears when you kill someone or when you're on a spree looks pretty damn nice.
  9. Szpaku2150

    Szpaku2150 Member

    1 thing that suprises me is how slow it actually goes... And i would hate to see shotguns dominate gunz 2 as well (which can be clearly seen used by both GS and SA). Also by the looks of it those alt meele weapons might render the basic things useless(you get the extra gun after all).
  10. Siggg

    Siggg Addicted Member Founder

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    Silent Avenger
    i want a .44 Raging Bull, two 1911 Colts, an R700 and a pizza in this game.

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